Holy Fire Reiki Heals Neighbor

My 76-year-old widowed female neighbor had many medical and physical problems. The first time I met her she could not move her hands, and they were extremely swollen and painful. I gave her Reiki and before I left she was moving her hands without pain and praising God.

A few days later I saw her daughter, who told me that her mother was not doing well at all, so I began giving her Reiki sessions on a routine schedule and quickly learned that she had many additional problems. She was chairbound and had to have help to go to the bathroom, to take a shower and to fix her meals. She had been diagnosed with a large tumor in her colon. Her blood sugar ran above 400 so she had to take insulin. Additionally, my neighbor was overweight, had double vision, was on prescription pain medication for problems in her shoulder, back and right arm and suffered from neuropathy and swollen ankles. The doctor had told her that she would never have feeling in her legs again. These physical problems had led to depression and dementia.

Holy Fire Reiki has brought many miracles to this woman. After a series of treatments, the swelling in her hands has gone down and almost normal use has returned. She also has feeling in her feet and legs and can now go to the bathroom, take a shower and cook by herself. Her depression is gone and her dementia has lightened.

She invited me to go to the doctor with her and more miracles became evident at that visit. The tumor in her colon was gone as well as her shoulder, back and arm pain. Without changing her diet, she has lost 30 pounds and her blood sugar runs between 87 and 110 and is now treated with pills instead of insulin. Her dementia has lessened too as she can now remember events from the past three days. There is still more work to be done, and I continue to see her once a week for the 45-minute Reiki sessions. The doctor reports continue to be good! She is so very happy and a joy to be around!