Headache and Neck Pain

I have been channeling energy for almost two years before I received my Reiki attunement a few weeks ago. I had some amazing things happen while working with the energy the first few times out. I was working on a friend, who had some pretty bad headaches, and I had placed one hand behind her occipitals, then the other one on her forehead or third eye, after about 5 minutes or so her head started moving along with my hands. I was caught off guard with this wonder but I continued to channel the energy that was flowing. She was just amazed at the change in her headache, and so was I. The second incident I was working on my father who stated he had a pinched nerve in his neck. I started massaging his neck and doing some ROM, then I was prompted to put my finger along each side of his neck, and then from there my Reiki guides and the Divine came in to channel the energy. My hands and his neck started moving in different directions, then after about 10 minutes he was like oh, oh.... What happened, he had felt a couple of pops in his neck and felt relief.