Energy healing through dreams

I have been seeing a Massage Therapist/Reiki Master for about three months or so. I'm not much on one on one conversation, so my therapist allows me to email her. One particular day at work was absolutely horrible, so I emailed her to tell her that while running the table saw, a large piece of two by four kicked back and wailed me in the stomach at about 50 miles per hour. It dropped me to my knees. That night while sleeping, I had a dream that seemed very real. I was lying on my back and a hand was on my stomach (not mine). In the dream, there was an intense heat from the hand and I could feel my stomach pulsating into the hand. I woke from the dream suddenly, and the pain was gone. I told her the story and asked her if somehow she had anything to do with it. She said no, not consciously, but she said sometimes when she wakes up, she feels as though she has been working on people energetically.