Emotional Healing

One of the most fascinating experiences I have had while providing a Reiki treatment occurred when my client began to release intense emotions which had been withheld for many years. In her personal life, my client was extremely unhappy in her marriage. She felt trapped into her marriage years ago, and still feels trapped because of her religious beliefs which do not include divorce as an option. During treatment, I offered a guided meditation to help my client relax, and used a therapeutic grade essential oil of Release for helping her to "let go" of pent-up feelings at the cellular level. Almost immediately, she began crying and progressed to heavy sobbing. In this state she proceeded to go deeply into her subconscious and release years of hidden resentments and frustrations. Physically, she began thrashing about, and at one point, I wondered if I could contain her form on the table! As the treatment progressed and I gently guided her with Reiki into her heart center, her upheavals and heaviness subsided. As the session ended and she sat up on the table, my client expressed deep gratitude for such a deep release, and she said she felt like she had "lost ten pounds." To both of our surprise, when she got up from the Reiki table, my client's pants were loose. Not just a bit, mind you... she had to change the buckle by several notches just to keep up her pants. She called me later on that evening to thank me once again and said that after she left my center, all day long she felt a tremendous freedom and lightness as she once knew as a child. What bliss! I must say that to witness such an immediate and drastic physical difference from an emotional release from Reiki was, indeed, a special experience for me as an energy practitioner.