Ego Bowed Down - A Tumor is Healed

A friend of mine, a lady in her 40's, I think is open to me because I'm one of the few people outside her family she feels she can call on for help, without my taking something for a favor. In an informal chat one day, she was very apprehensive about a tumor that needed to be operated on the next day. It was an outpatient procedure, not dangerous but very stressful for her. I asked her if she'd like me to send Reiki and she said she did though she didn't know what it was. Asking her the time of her appointment, I told her I'd be sending Reiki from the time she would leave the house and at the clinic. After the Reiki Master meditation, I sent distant healing to the lady and stayed in healing meditation for the planned duration of the procedure. The next day she called and told me in an annoyed voice, "I don't know what you did with your Reiki but the doctor was called to an emergency and couldn't even see me. Now I have to see him in a month."

Instead of consternation, I felt immense joy and light-heartedness. Smiling, but not wanting her to feel I was taking her lightly, I made some appropriate noises to soothe her. I knew that this "setback" was because she didn't need the procedure; but also that I would have to continue to send healing throughout the next month. At irregular times during the next month, the healing energy would go through me towards her, and each time I would feel lighthearted and joyful.A month later, she called me again, "I went for the procedure, but they couldn't find the tumor! It's disappeared. I don't know what you did, but it has gone." For me, the miracle was not in the healing of the tumor but in the awakening of awareness that came with the entire episode. The ego bowed spontaneously to acknowledge the workings of higher powers. Amen.