Dog Heart Failure Healed

My 16 year-old dog Topaz had pneumonia and heart failure. For nearly two weeks, he couldn't stop wheezing, he could barely stand up and his weight suddenly dropped by about 25%. As his condition worsened his kidneys failed. After being sent home from the veterinarian hospital, I did Reiki on him several times daily. He seemed to be improving. After a week, I took him back to the vet. The vet had thought I was bringing him in for euthanasia, and was surprised to see he was better. His heart sounds had returned to normal and his kidneys were back to normal. A month later he saw this dog in a pen and asked if it was one of my new puppies (as I breed dogs). When I said no that it was Topaz he turned around and went back to look at him seeing he was spry, actually jumping in good humor, and had returned to a normal weight. He agreed that there was no medical explanation for how the dog could have gotten better.