Dog’s Hind Legs Healed

Last November, my step daughter told me that they wanted to put their 11-year-old Boerbull Zola down as she was having massive back leg hip problems to the extent that she couldn't walk and was struggling to get herself to rise. I had just cleared a fever on my grandson using Reiki and I asked her if she would allow me to work on Zola. They separated Zola and her partner Bully and I started intense Reiki on her hind legs and lower back. Within the first session my step daughter and husband noticed a difference. By the third night Zola was up and using her hind legs and in fact ran to meet me at the gate very excited. We are at seven months and going strong. Unfortunately her partner contracted a bad strain of tick bite and passed away within 24 hours. For this reason it is my believe that God requested that I be there that day to start administering Reiki to Zola so that they would have one dog left as He knew what was coming.