Depression and Anxiety Healed

After my marriage ended and many other life changes occurred together in a short period of time, I experienced a breakdown due to depression and anxiety. I turned to god for help as my children were suffering in reflection to my health. I was asked to assist a mother and disabled child during my spare time, a family friend I had not heard of or met. I agreed and she informed me she was Reiki trained and actively used it on her son and it greatly improved his strength. She also offered treatment to me for free so I could experience it. She put on relaxing music and I laid on a Reiki table. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I experienced a triangle of lights with my eyes closed and tingling in most areas and the heat from her hands. On reaching my stomach area I had and uncomfortable hard ball feeling. She told me that it was mostly emotions and to relax. After she spent some time there, the feelings of depression and anxiety disappeared. I thank God for bringing me to a healer.