Cough and Allergies

Dear friends, I’m writing you from Corfu-Greece and I would like to share with you my personal experience about Reiki self-healing. You should know that I had during the last 20 years many, many health problems. During the winter and spring, I was twice a month ill. I would catch a cold or an allergy would give me a hard time. It was a sickness without a real sickness, but it caused me many problems and it really wasn’t so nice to feel bad all the time. The worst thing is that I never thought that there could be a solution to my problem. Till someone told me to try Reiki, and I did. No one in my family can now believe that the whole winter passed by and I never coughed, I don’t sneeze all the time, or little terrible things like that! You may think "that’s nothing!" but for me its the end of a very annoying period of my life. And I’m absolutely sure, that it stays that way! Because now I have the protection of Reiki energy and I can only be very grateful about it. I invite you all to discover this beautiful world of Reiki. Be sure, you will not regret it! Thank you for listening.

Best wishes of peace and happiness,