Confusion Over Bill Healed

I'm a second level Reiki and a dowser. Two weeks ago, just before Christmas, I was working long days and my wife got a phone call about some equipment we rented in early October which they said wasn't returned and that we owed quite a bit of money in back rent. We had returned the equipment but I couldn't find the return slip and without that we had to pay. This was on a Tuesday and I wouldn't be able to go into their office until the following Monday.

After thinking some negative thoughts it came to me not to send negative thoughts but to send positive thoughts so I put them in the [Reiki] light of pure love. Every time I had a chance I did this and by Friday it didn't seem to be needed anymore.

On Monday I went into their office armed with all the paperwork I had. When I went up to the front desk the owner met me and said, "Oh, my partner and I talked it over on Friday and decided to believe you so we wrote up a return slip and it's all covered. I picked my jaw up off the ground and went out thanking the system. Putting them in the light did make a big difference.