Clearing Negative Energies

My daughter and I used to work across the street from each other. Quite regularly we went to lunch. This particular day we had several errands to run which cut our lunchtime short. Our only option was to stop at a local food chain for a quick bite. As we both walked through the restaurant door my daughter and I looked at each other in shock as the negative energy from the restaurant hit us both in the face. Immediately my daughter responded with "No way am I going to eat in this place - the energy in here feels terrible." I reminded her we had used up so much of our lunchtime we had no choice. We proceeded to two seats in the restaurant, which were perfectly situated for us to see the waitresses, cooks, and cashier (coincidence?). As we glanced over the menu we both noticed the negative attitude of everyone working there. It was almost unbearable.

The waitress was yelling at the cook, the cook was yelling back, the cashier was arguing with another waitress, and so on. Every worker was in a terrible mood. My daughter turned to me and said, "Mom, why don't you use the Reiki symbols you just learned in class to clear out the negative energy in this place and maybe raise the vibration in here." I thought this was an excellent idea.

I began to imagine the protection symbol to clear the negative energy surrounding each person there and then throughout the whole place. Next, I imagined the power symbol everywhere. I could literally see a shift taking place one person at a time. By the time we were finished with our lunch everyone working there was singing and dancing, and having fun with each other. My daughter and I walked out laughing and totally amazed. Her comment to me was, "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I never would have believed it."

What a wonderful tool to have. I never have to worry about going anywhere since Reiki came into my life. What a wonderful gift.