Chicken Healed

Some years ago, my daughter and I went to see our horses at the boarding facility. We noticed that the chickens were not doing well and it appeared no one was feeding them. So we bought feed and made sure they had food and water. Then one cold winter day, we checked on them and found one black chicken apparently dead. I picked up the chicken to dispose of it but my hands told me there was still a faint heartbeat. We took the chicken with us and I did Reiki while my daughter drove the car. When we got to her home, I was feeling some life and continued to give Reiki. When the chicken was obviously alive, we put her in a bird cage with food and water. My daughter kept her in the house. Within a few days she was chirping and back to normal. We gave a week with Reiki in the house, then we returned her to the chicken pen. As a side note, we removed all those chickens and gave them to someone who gave them freedom to range and a better home. It is amazing how precious life is and how we want to help life survive, no matter what the species.