A Chance to Live

Reiki has had a profound influence not only on my own life, but also on those around me. I received a message on my answering machine at about 11:00 PM, July 4, 2002, that could I PLEASE send Reiki to my business partner's fiancé's best friend. This incident had happened late in the day on the 3rd! He was a high tower repair worker and had slipped, tangling in the ropes so that the fall of 10 feet caused him to not only land on his crown, but split it wide open, embedding pieces of bone directly into the brain. The prognosis was NOT good at all. The family was told that he would not live through the night. He and his wife were expecting their first-born child in three weeks. The family was told to gather and that life support would be pulled early the next morning. Last rites were given, and they were told to prepare the funeral arrangements.

I had no patient name, just the hospital's name and general location, about 60 miles from my home here in West Virginia. I began long-distance Reiki at approximately 11:20 PM, the night of the 4th. In scanning, I found the head and neck were obviously traumatized, but stable, surgery to remove bone fragments was successful, no infection. The will to live was flowing so strongly that I knew this man would live despite his injuries. I also knew he would be paralyzed, but perhaps not for the rest of his life. I continued to send Reiki for close to half an hour. Unfortunately, I had to get to bed to be rested for my own clients at 8:00 AM the next morning. Before bed, I placed a description of this incident on the Reiki grid, went to bed sending prayers to all, especially this man.

At 7:00 AM, the next morning I received a call that: "It worked! It worked! The Reiki worked!" The hospital pulled all plugs and the man was for all intents and purposes, ALIVE and NOT going to die! I've never spoken with this man, don't even know him, but knew that Reiki could and would help him, which his higher self allowed. I had just attuned my business partner to Reiki Level I the week before this incident and she agreed, that yes! Reiki can work miracles. It's the best.

Love to all,