Champion Horse Healed

At the local horse shelter, where abused and abandoned horses are rehabilitated for adoption, I was asked to treat a 19-year old thoroughbred that had been a top champion. She had been leaning on her shed wall for most of the previous three months. As the shelter could not afford leg surgery for the supposedly fractured leg, she would soon have to be put down. She was considered unapproachable as her pain had made her very snarly. She would bite and kick at everyone. After I held out my hands for about 10 minutes she finally moved into them and seemed to melt into them. This is common with animals and always is a gratifying experience. To treat them one stays with the contact until they move away. They somehow sense how much they need and are often faster to respond than people. After a couple of treatments, in one week, she was trotting with her head up. The second week she cantered. The third week she actually jumped the fence to leave her paddock. She has now been well and her personality has been lovely for the past three months. In all, she had only five treatments.