Cervical Polyps Healed

In March earlier this year 2002, I had had a routine pap smear done and the results came back abnormal. I followed it with another pap smear, which also came back abnormal and followed that up with a Coloscopy, where several polyps were found on my cervix (precisely, SIX). The gynecologist who was doing the Coloscopy referred me to another physician for the biopsy work, who scheduled me for an appointment this June for another Coloscopy and the biopsy. Between March and June 2002, I received two Reiki attunements. I have been giving myself Reiki on a daily basis. I have my second degree and am soon starting the third. Lo and behold, the doctor I saw in June took one look at my cervix and found only ONE polyp on my cervix, and it was tiny at that! I could hardly believe it but knew it was Reiki that had worked the magic! He took a biopsy and during the whole procedure, which can be quite uncomfortable, I gave myself Reiki, and it ended up being, by far, the most comfortable surgical procedure I have ever had! Hardly any pain and not too much discomfort afterwards and only two hours of work missed. The results of the biopsy came back normal and I couldn't be happier! Reiki heals! Namaste!