Cancer Healed

My name is Sarbjit Bhardwaj and I live in New Delhi, India. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, 2007, and was operated on immediately the same month. After that I was given chemotherapy and radiation for the next eight months. My treatment was over in May, 2008, but in October, 2008, the cancer returned. This time my liver and bones were its target. Doctors gave me no hope and were told that there is another type of medicine also they could use and I received chemotherapy once again. I was bed ridden during the whole month of November and December, 2008 and unable to sit even for a few seconds. Doctors lost hope and told me that it was an advanced stage of cancer. But something else was destined to happen.

On 1st January, 2009 my husband read the Reiki Healing Foundation’s advertisement in a newspaper. He immediately called Dr. N.K. Sharma and got an appointment for the same day. After meeting Dr. Sharma we were full of hope. Guruji scanned my aura and started emergency healing. My condition improved and I started to sit and walk within a week. After being advised by Guruji and Guruma, we both learnt Reiki on 10th & 11th Jan., 09. After that there was a sea change in my condition. I started giving Reiki to myself daily. After seeing the improvement in my condition, my Allopathic Doctor suggested tests to be done after the third cycle of chemotherapy. To everybody’s surprise, all the tests were normal.

Secondly, as there was cancer in my neck, and hair did not grow in that area. I gave Reiki (only once) to that area and forgot about it. After two to three days, I noticed that hair had started growing in that area. I and my family are so thankful to Reiki that I can t explain it in words. It is a miracle. I am very sure that I have been cured through Reiki. Guruji and Guruma ko SHAT SHAT PRANAM. Not only have they helped us to get rid of all our problems, but also they have opened our eyes toward a new approach to life.