Burn Healed

Dear William, One morning I was making myself a cup of tea and while pouring the hot water into the cup, I accidentally poured the boiling water over my hand! In agony, I ran it under cold water, then grabbed ice from the freezer and held it onto my hand while doing Reiki on it. I had to repeat the ice and then continued with the Reiki for about 15-20 minutes while having a phone conversation. When I hung up I looked at my hand and saw that there was absolutely no sign of a burn! Nothing! I was so very grateful because years ago I had a similar accident and had to spend the night with my hand in an ice bucket and went through all the blistering etc. that goes with such a burn. I seem to have success with "right away" Reiki. I have staved off several nasty bruises and a very painful banged knee by applying Reiki immediately to the injured area!