Breast Cancer

Patricia Flucas was one of my students who was elevated to Master several years ago. Pat and I have been working with some breast cancer victims for the past couple of years initially on a regular basis but lately very intermittently.

One person was a level two with spots on the liver and lungs the other was a level three who underwent lumpectomies and radiation. Pat and I worked on both these women as a team—the condition was "hands on" because their condition was serious, with the appropriate permission and with me as both a support and adjunct energy source we worked on these women. Pat being a woman had no difficulty touching the breast; I did not touch the area. Both women have been in remission for the last two years, the individual with lung and liver involvement continues to have a clean bill of health from her Medical People. We believe we are in concert with the medical treatment consequently it's a combination of treatments which appears successful so far. Pat and I believe that the touching of affected areas becomes very necessary the more stressful and severe the problem, however we are also very aware of the invasiveness that may be perceived by some individuals so... not only is verbal permission asked for but we also have written permission signed and dated; neither of us work alone with this type of patient as we have also found that since Pat is an Empath she sometimes requires assistance and support during the treatment session.

It is also critically important that a thorough preparation and meditation be done prior to treatment but the cleansing and grounding after treatment can't be postponed. It is a good idea to allow at least an hour between these types of clients for your own wellbeing and protection.