Brain Damage Healed

My niece was born at the end of July last year. By the time everyone realized that her heart was failing she had been without oxygen for long enough to cause scarring on the brain and was dying. My Mother and I, both 2nd degree Reiki practitioners were 600 miles away. When we got the news we started distance Reiki flowing. We kept it up on the 2 hour drive to the airport and the 3 hour flight to the hospital. We kept it going in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit all through that long night.

In the morning, the doctor told us that not only did she survive the night against all odds but was showing signs of improvement. We stayed at her side for a week giving Reiki continuously. My beautiful niece has improved so much that she was able to undergo a successful heart transplant in December. I have sent her distance Reiki every morning of her life and I visit her in the hospital for a week every month and now she recognizes my Reiki energy the minute I walk into the room. This baby had an MRI last month with no sign of the brain scarring that had been so evident on that first MRI.I send Reiki daily to the beautiful child and parents that had the courage to think of organ donation at their most desperate time. I don't know how to thank them for their amazing gift and trust in the intelligence of Reiki to find a way.