A Boy's Chance

A client contacted me that knew a boy that was very disturbed and needed help. The doctors and teachers at his school had given up on him. His mother said she would try anything.

He came for Reiki and it was almost as though he knew it would help him. He lay calmly on the treatment couch for an hour. That shocked his Mum and me. Once the session was over this little boy was different. He could not wait to come back for his next Reiki healing. Mum had to book the next available day. He was getting better and better. It took only three sessions and you wouldn't believe it was the same boy. His family, the school and everyone had said what a difference there is in him.

He has told me he now has all the power inside him and for his birthday he would love to take a Reiki one class. He said he knows he will become a Reiki teacher one day and help people too.