The Blue Jay and Reiki

In New England and a big snowstorm I filled the bird feeders. While sipping tea I looked out at the winter wonderland in my backyard, the birds rustling to the feeders. Suddenly I saw a bird being attacked by two blackbirds. Without thinking I ran outside in my slippers yelling and banging a stick against the stair railing. The little birds at the feeders flitted back to the thrushes screaming in terror. The blackbirds flew off.

I hurried back inside to dress more warmly and rushed out in the above-knee snow. The bird had tucked its wings in place. I lay down next to this blue jay yelling and squawking. I thought, "What can I do? If I bring it in the house the cats will go crazy." Or, perhaps I could get it to the animal hospital. Then I thought to channel Reiki. I cupped my hands around the bird and began chanting, Reiki, Reiki, Reiki and telling the bird she was okay and safe. I continued for about fifteen minutes. She was missing many feathers from the top of her head. I could see her skin and the little bubbles of freezing blood. The black birds had not injured her eyes. She allowed me to remove a few feathers from her mouth. Gradually she allowed me to place my hands on each side of her, still chanting Reiki. I was able to lift her and carry her into the screen house. I took off my knit hat, placed it on the carpet, and put her on the hat. I raced inside to get a polar fleece blanket for her. When I returned I found her in the corner of the screen house. I spread the blanket, placed her on it, with some birdseed right under her beak and some snow in case she needed water. She was regaining some balance and began walking around.

I held her up and chanted, Reiki, Reiki, Reiki, she jumped off looking quizzically. We continued this routine for about twenty minutes. The last time I held her up she spread her beautiful wings and flew out the door to a small tree near where she had been attacked. I envisioned her wrapped in a blanket of blue healing light. I said a prayer of thanksgiving to share these moments with such an elegant creature and especially to channel the Reiki energy to her. Thank you for allowing me to share this experience.