Blood Pressure Lowered

I received my Reiki I & II training last month and have an experience to share... and it was exciting! I've given my dad several Reiki treatments in the last couple weeks and he's loving them, says he feels so warm and relaxed and just can't get over the heat from my hands. Yesterday he had a pacemaker "inserted" (I guess that's how you say it?). Went to the hospital this morning with my mom to pick him up and he wasn't feeling so well. Said he felt light headed and foggy, had nausea and his blood pressure (b/p) was quite high, also pain at the incision site. So.... I watched the nurses in action for a bit, trying this and that before I got bold... then I went to the nurses’ station and asked if anyone had heard of Reiki. Well, some had and some hadn't. I explained a little and his nurse said go for it... so I did. I gave him a 30 min. treatment and they watched the monitors from the nurses’ station and had me hit the B/P button as soon as I was finished so they could check the reading. His b/p had lowered significantly, 20pts pts. on the top and 10 on the bottom and within another 15 min or so it had gone down further. When I walk out of his room they were saying "way to go", "good work in there", "did you see how much it came down". His nausea, pain and foggy feelings cleared up too. He was discharged a short time later! And... I just happen to have some of my newly printed business cards on me and I passed them out as I left. Too much fun! I would love to hear any experiences you guys have had so please... share! Hope to hear from you soon!