Ankle Healed

Some years back, I went with friends to participate in a vocal workshop up in LA that had us sharing a delicious, intimate space with Deva Premal and Miten. Voices were lifted; hearts were opened. The energy was most sweet. We had an "intermission", during which I noticed that a lady next to me had a cane and a heavily-bandaged ankle. I started to direct Reiki and, remembering my manners, stopped and asked if I could offer her a few minutes. She had never been in contact with anyone who was a practitioner, but showed interest and allowed me to work on her. After the workshop was done, I warmly embraced those dear troubadours and prepared to leave with my friends, when I saw the lady approaching me—the cane under her arm and walking with ease. She thanked me with all her heart, as the sprain in her ankle had stopped being a bother.

Hari Om.