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Practice Guidelines

Preparation for Practice
Take several centering breaths.

We recommend you start each session with a healing affirmation and close by giving thanks. Here is a link to one such affirmation.

Hold your hands in prayer if you wish. This is very centering.

To add depth to your meditation and healing practices, visualize yourself connected to a field of love and light within, above and about our earth.

You can connect with this network energetically through the web and spiritually with intention. The strongest global effect will be generated by both logging on to this site and intending to share healing. If it is helpful, download or print the pages and images at this site.

Practice Level

New Energy Worker:

Always start and close with a spiritual affirmation -- at least a simple intent that all your work go for the highest good. Log on to one of our healing areas, Personal Healing or Building A United Healing Light, and feel the healing energy. Intend that you may send energy to a healing focus. Visualize a field of light and love about yourself and flowing from yourself to a healing subject. Do this for several moments. Then rest in the glow of this light.

If you have faith and the will to visualize you can share distance healing. In Reiki training you learn how to very naturally tap into healing energies and use spiritual techniques to amplify distance healing.

Experienced Energy Worker:

Use a healing practice you know. Intend to exchange or share healing energy at one of our healing areas. You may focus on the idea of healing, visualize an image with intent or look at a picture. Always start with an affirmation of positive intent. Follow your intuition-heart.

2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, distance healing

If you have 2nd degree Reiki or higher, draw the distance symbol intending to send Reiki to the healing area of focus. Feel free to use any other Reiki symbols as well.


You may ask that the healing energies be sent and continue to be sent to all for use in healing.

In closing, you may wish to give thanks for being able to share and receive healing energy and ask that the divine source sustain you in your work for the good of all beings.

When you have finished with the above practices, you may wish to rest quietly for a moment for love and light and gratitude.

Radiant Photographs

Each of the linked pages at this site presents photographs charged with healing energy or photos of the globe or places needing special healing attention. We have found that healing energies continue to flow from these photos even when we are not focusing on them. They are excellent aids in healing and meditation. You may download or print these photos and even carry them with you.

Global Reiki Healing Pages and Practice
To receive healing energy or participate, try the practices on the linked pages listed on the left margin text links.

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