Healing Affirmation and Blessing
Here is an affirmation you may use in starting a healing session. Say these words, silently or aloud, with loving intent:

We unite with each other in love, as together we come into complete harmony with Divine Being.

With humility and gratitude, we build this network of light to serve the highest good of all concerned.

We pray for healing and awakening for ourselves and our world, so that we may learn to trust unconditionally in Divine nurturance and act with compassion in all we do.

We give thanks for the blessings and assistance of Divine Grace and the highest and most holy spiritual guides. So Be It.

A Vow of Service
Here is a short dedication you may wish to use.

We take refuge in the love and light of Christ (and/or Kwan Yin or the Buddha or other teachers and guides).

We vow to attain the way of the great teachers.

We dedicate our selves to the awakening of all beings.

We give great thanks for this opportunity to serve