Building A United Healing Light


As a preparation for practice, you may wish to review the following:

Prepare as in the practice guidelines.

To join in a global field of love and light, simply send Reiki to all Reiki practitioners imagining all of us working together in harmony.

One way to do this is to allow yourself to see Reiki as a brilliant light shining in the hearts of all of us.

Another practice is to rest with or contemplate the karuna photo on the Personal Healing Exchange page, sending and receiving Reiki.

Another practice is to see Reiki practitioners joined hand in hand around the planet connected by the Reiki energy flowing through their hearts to one another.

Feel yourself uniting with this energy as we truly become a United Healing Light - So Be It.

Love and Light to you.

Our Potential
There are now at least 500,000 people in the world with Reiki and our numbers are continuing to grow. This represents a tremendous potential for healing. As more and more practitioners begin working together, focusing their energies to heal specific global issues, the potential for us making a significant contribution to global transformation becomes a reality. However, the real secret of healing power is in the harmony and love that exists between the people who are sending healing. This causes the total energy channeled to increase geometrically and also increases the vibration. There is tremendous healing power available for us as the love and harmony between practitioners grows.

Our future possibilities are limitless when we work as a united healing light. As each of us shares Reiki with our fellow Reiki practitioners and teachers, we increase the healing power of the Reiki community to make positive changes on the planet.