Global Healing Projects

Current Global Healing Projects

Healing and care for all endangered species

Peace between Israel and Palestine

Wisdom and healing to prevent terrorism

Help for the homeless and all those who suffer in the US and other countries

If there are other areas to which you would like to send energy or you wish to send energy to the entire earth, see the Whole Earth Healing page.

If you would like to participate, we ask that you devote 10 minutes a day to these areas in need of healing. If you would like to send more, all of us will be thankful.

If you do not have 2nd degree Reiki or higher, simply intend to send healing energy to the project. If you do have 2nd degree Reiki or higher, draw the distance symbol and intend to send Reiki to the project. Feel free to use any other Reiki symbols as well.

As you complete your healing, seal it with the Reiki power symbol and/or a prayer and intend that the healing will continue to flow even when you are involved in other activities.

As you send healing, you can also compassionately visualize, imagine or think of all the people in these areas who are suffering, being transformed by the healing love of Reiki energy. See the energy flowing also to those who act to oppress others, see it flowing into their heart centers awakening them to a more loving way of being. Now see the Reiki energy flowing through them, around them and connecting them to one another in a very peaceful way. See the homes and businesses, and the land, being healed and whole. See these areas in peace and KNOW that it is done. So Be It.