Whole Earth Healing

As a preparation for practice, you may wish to review the following:

Healing Practices
Prepare as in the practice guidelines.

As you send healing energy intend to unite the whole earth in love.

Visualize a field of Divine Light around our globe. You can focus on the photo above (and enlarge it by clicking on it). Feel the light flow to the photo. Feel how that flow simultaneously surrounds you and comes to you from all directions as you send it.

As you take part in this healing, notice if you feel a sense of wholeness within yourself as well.

For a longer practice, you can meditate on light filling your self. Then in your mind's eye, travel, seeing:

Light filling your room.
Filling your neighborhood.
Light in your community.
Then your bioregion.
Then your continent and soon the globe.

Going up, see the beautiful earth.
The moon.
The brilliant sun.
Light through the moon and earth.
Surrounded and suffused with peace and love and light.


Rest radiant in this global love and light.

Then come back down slowly.
Light and love in the sky.
Light over and through your continent.
Your community.
Your room.
Light in your self.

Know that peace and love surround and fill the earth and all its beings.

All are one in love and light

So Be It.