About the International Center for Reiki Training

William Lee Rand became a Reiki Master in March, 1989 and taught his first class in June of that year. The Center for Reiki Training was started in 1991 and in 1997 we added International to our name because of the classes being taught in foreign countries and because so many students were traveling from foreign countries to the US to take classes from us.

The Reiki training offered by the ICRT has evolved over the years to include a number of methods. The style we teach is a combination of the style developed and taught by Takata Sensei along with the Japanese Reiki techniques as developed and taught by Usui Sensei. The system we teach continued to evolve and in January, 2014 Holy Fire Reiki was introduced.

There have been other additions that were developed by the ICRT including Aura Clearing, the Healing Attunement, Beaming, and the Karuna system of Reiki. Scanning was developed independently by the ICRT in 1993, which closely parallels Byosen scanning, the technique developed and used by Usui Sensei, but which was not known in the US until 1997.

In 1990 the Teacher Certification program was started and in 1997 we changed the name to the Licensed Teacher Program and in 2011 the name was changed again to the Professional Licensed Teacher Program and is now called the Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT) program.

A newsletter was started in 1989 that developed into a full size magazine in 2002. Our website was started in 1995 and the free online newsletter began in 2001.

In 2003 the Reiki in Hospitals program was developed which evolved into the Center for Reiki Research in 2007.

In Fall, 2011 the Reiki Membership Association was started which is a professional membership association for Reiki Masters who teach the same style of Reiki as the ICRT.

While we practice our own style of Reiki, we acknowledge the value offered by other schools and lineages. We encourage students to research the Reiki training available and use their intuitive guidance in deciding whom to take classes from.

We encourage all Reiki people to work together in harmony to heal themselves, their families, friends and clients and with love, send Reiki to bring peace to all people on earth.

The Center Purpose and Philosophy

Healing Techniques Developed at the Center

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