Wonderful Reiki Healing!

I got my Reiki I attunement in July 1997 in India. At the time I was suffering from hypothyroidism, and had had a total hysterectomy. I was on HRT, Calcium and Eltroccin for over five years and used to get a check-up regularly by an endocrinologist. Soon after my Reiki attunement, on an impulse, I stopped the medication and continued with my Reiki self-treatment daily. I took my Reiki II attunement August 1997. When I went in for my check-up in September 1997, to the amazement of the Doctor and myself, my T3, T4 and TSH levels were well within the limits and I had not taken any hormones for almost three months. But my endocrinologist told me it could be a temporary remission and asked me to check-up after six months. Lo and behold, after six months, one year, two years and today almost after six years I am absolutely fine according to my regular medical check-ups and blood tests. Thanks to Reiki. Today I am a Reiki Master in Kolkaata, India, conducting classes with very good results.

(Editors Note: While this situation worked out well, it is important that check with your medical doctor first before changing the dosages of prescribed medications.)