Travel Safety and Post Surgical Healing

Dear William: About one month ago, I requested long distance Reiki for my Father, Lee, and his wife Nenita as they journeyed to the Philippines for a visit with her family. They were a bit concerned about their flight as well as how things would be after they arrived as there are Muslims who are not happy with the USA's response after the terrorist attacks. I am happy to report that their visit went well and they arrived back home safely.

At the same time, I also asked for your assistance for my dear friend Wanda who had just had gall bladder surgery. I didn't request Reiki treatment until almost three days after surgery and at that time she was in extreme pain and feeling poorly. It was then that I asked for long distance Reiki and when I called her about five days later, she reported that she was feeling so much better. As I listened to her "turn for the best" it matched the same time that I requested Reiki treatment for her. Now, just over a month later, she told me that she feels not only physically better, but that her spirit is renewed as well. My thanks to you for your reaching out to others and for being facilitators for the healing power of Reiki!

Thank you!