Stiff Neck Healed

I just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas. While on the cruise at breakfast one morning our waiter could barely move. I asked him what was wrong and he said “stiff neck”. He also added he had it for TWO WEEKS! I told him that was too long and I could help him. I asked if he would he be able to take a few minutes so I could give him Reiki on his neck. He was not against the session, just about taking the time to have it done. I told him I would tell his boss I made him do it. After we ate our breakfast I took him to the back of the dining room and had him sit down while I gave him Reiki on his head, neck, shoulders, and back to the spot that was hurting the most. All the other wait staff were joking with him: did he want some coffee, how would he like his eggs, etc. Finally the head waiter did approach and I told him I just needed a few minutes to help him and I insisted on doing this. He actually thanked me for helping his staff since everyone knew he had been in pain for weeks. Even after the quick session he went back to his station and turned his head when someone spoke to him, then he realized he could move his neck and was very happy. That was the last day of the cruise so I did not see him again, but as we were leaving the ship I recognized another waiter from the dining room who was standing near and I asked how his friends neck was—he said much better thanks to you. I am always so in awe and appreciative that the Reiki is always able to help, even if it was a short session.