Some of My Reiki Experiences

In 1994, I was introduced to the wonderful energy of Reiki. I was impressed with my personal experience when receiving Reiki, which then lead me to pursue my study and education in the same. I received the Master Level in 1996.

My entire life changed—professionally, spiritually, and personally. To this day the overall experience has left me in wonder of the major life transition that has led me to where I am today. Before then, I worked in corporate America, but I ended up quitting my job, and began to paint angels and spiritual subject matter professionally.

I opened my office and clinic in 1997, and met and trained under Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life . She then published my book, Angels, Guardian's of the Light , a collection of my angel art and philosophies.

My education continued onward in order to became a non-denominational minister. The energy continues to manifest forward, as I continue to teach Reiki within the public school systems and in hospitals, training nurses in Reiki. I am honored to be on staff at a local hospital administering Reiki to patients as well.

The following are a few of the many stories inspired by personal clients.

Inge was diagnosed with a severe medical condition called Guillian-Barre syndrome, which is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Her physicians at Stanford Medical Center told her that she would probably not walk again, and be confined to a wheel chair for an indefinite period of time. When she came to me asking for help, she had lost a considerable amount of weight, was losing her hair, and was very weak, yet she was willing and accepting of having Reiki to assist with her goal to be healed. I gave her Reiki twice a week for a period of three months, and within six months she was walking on her own, completely healed. Her doctors were at a loss as to how quickly she had recovered. She is now living a happy, healthy life.

Katelyn was a small child of five when I first treated her. I received a call from her grandmother one evening telling me that her granddaughter had been struck by a car leaving her in a coma. Her grandmother was requesting Reiki for her. She had been placed in ICU at Children's Hospital in Oakland,California, hooked up to respirators and monitors. Once cleared by medical staff, I was very careful of my hand placement, gently speaking to her during the session, knowing in my heart that she could hear me on some level.

I reminded her that her birthday party was coming soon, encouraging her to be well and happy for her special day. I worked on her for a period of 45 minutes, closely observed. After I finished, her nurse approached me with questioning eyes informing me that Katelyn had been breathing on her own while being given Reiki. Katelyn is now well into her teens, living a healthy life.

Anne, a female client, was experiencing edema, a dramatic swelling, in her ankles. Within a one- hour session, the swelling had diminished completely. Amazing.

I take no personal credit, or let my ego become involved regarding any of the above sessions or healings other than being a vessel for Reiki energy to flow through. This is a blessing within itself: knowing that we, as Reiki healers, have the capability of extending divine energy through ourselves and on to others. I am pleased that Reiki has become so widely accepted in the field of alternative healing, which often no longer needs a complicated explanation of what it is. I believe that Reiki heals the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.