Severe Injuries Healed

I got a call from my sister, who is also one of my students. A friend of hers, a Kansas City Reiki Master who had recently moved to Sedona, Arizona, had contacted her to ask if she and one or two of my other students could go to a hospital in Phoenix to treat a woman from Kansas City. The woman was hiking in some back canyons around Sedona and had taken a severe fall, tumbling down more than 40 feet. Her jaw was broken in two places, the occipital bone was so severely damaged that doctors thought she might lose an eye. The highest concern was the damage to the brain from a fractured skull and nasty concussion. It was felt that the brain damage was such that she would not recover. She had lesser damage to ribs and other bones.

My sister and another student (both Level II) went to the hospital and, at the request of the family, were able to visit and work with the woman for more than an hour that evening and again the next day. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Master contacted the Reiki community there to send distant Reiki. The original prognosis had been six to eight weeks before release from the hospital. On the second evening of Reiki treatment my sister was informed that, inexplicably, the patient was recovering at a remarkable rate. She was lucid and communicating well. It would be possible for her to leave as early as the next day, although she would be held for about a week to make sure she was okay before completing her recovery at home. This was exciting news and gave everyone involved an improved level of confidence in Reiki. This small group is practicing and sending Reiki on a regular basis.