Severe Injuries

Hi. My story is very simple, and starts about three months ago, on the island of Lanzarote when a young boy of 15 years old was on a motor bike. He was hit going around a roundabout at night. His injuries were both legs and both arms broken, both lungs punctured and then one lung removed, part of his liver removed, fractured neck, and he was on a life support machine. The doctors gave him a 5% chance of living...

Three days after the accident I sent out requests for Reiki on the Internet, and I set up a Reiki circle here in Lanzarote. I went into all the bars along the front and asked that on the following Sunday at 8 o’clock if everyone could light a candle and send out some nice thought that we maybe able to help. The following week he came off the machine, two weeks later he was transferred back to Lanzarote and out of danger. A further week later he was out of the hospital all-together, and three months down the line he is up and about 95% back to normal. So he went from a 5% chance to live to 95% healed in three months. I wanted to finish by saying thank you to all the Reiki healers out there that sent out healing, and to all those that sent out love.

God bless all and keep up the good work.