Reiki Works!

Hi William, I have recently found your website and subscribed to it. It is really fantastic. I discovered Reiki when I was wiring a house for a Reiki Master. She, using Reiki cleared a wheeze that I had developed one morning. I was convinced. A while later I attended a level 1 course. This was with a different Master. A few months later I attended the level 2. Later on I talked about level 3—but the Master wanted IR£1000. This was way too much, so I was put off. Some time later I came in contact with the first Master and I attended one of her level 3 courses. That was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I have since initiated my now wife and stepson into Reiki. They love it. Reiki has been a very important part of our lives and has gotten rid of many physical ailments including asthma attacks an eye cyst many headaches and sports injuries. That was the beginning, the future looks rosy.

Thanks for such a wonderful site.