Reiki Removes Growth

A few months ago, I sustained a fall in my home. In the following weeks, I noticed a definite lump protruding from the inner aspect of my right knee. It began to grow, causing multiple vessels on my leg to rupture, and it made it difficult to walk. My doctor ordered ultrasounds and scans that revealed a 4.3 cm growth in my thigh. I was sent to see a surgeon. As he gathered my history, he learned that I was a Level II Reiki practitioner. I had begun to give myself Reiki to relieve the pain and stretching skin sensation as the growth spread. The surgeon was not happy that I was giving myself Reiki and in a stern voice demanded that I stop immediately—that “it would cause more harm than good.”

In the meantime, I had signed up for the Holy Fire Reiki/Master class with Trish Naffky along with Barbara Kurek. I had made preparations for surgery and a leave from work for a total of two to three weeks. I never stopped giving myself Reiki treatments. On the Friday before the Monday appointment with the surgeon to prepare for surgery, I ran into a pastor at my workplace. He was known for healing and miracles. He had asked me for assistance and when I completed the task, he offered to give me a blessing. I told him about my upcoming surgery. He told me that I was going to be healed. He placed his hands atop my head and prayed over me. I felt this warmth and whoosh from head to toe and a feeling of peace.

I was not able to attend the Reiki class because of my upcoming leave from work. Trish, Barb and the others in the class sent me over 30 hours of Reiki in a three-day period. When I visited the surgeon on Monday, he examined my leg and told me that the growth had disappeared. In his words he said that he had seen and felt the growth himself and that “now it’s gone. How could this be?” I tried to explain Reiki and prayer, but he would not listen. He was trying to make a scientific explanation for the miracle healing I had received. I know in my heart that Father’s prayer and blessing along with Reiki healed me. I’m so grateful and appreciative to have my faith and Reiki in my life. I have re-scheduled my Holy Fire Reiki/Master class for early Summer.