Reiki prepares patient for Chemo

A Great Experience! Today, I have to tell one of the stronger experiences I had on my life. Last April, I went to New York to be a student of William Rand, in his Art/Master Classes. I have had studied and practiced Reiki since two years ago. My first level I studied in my country, and last year I went to New York to study with Ana and Carlos Gonzales, Level I, II and ART. As a client, I knew this wonderful way of life, since 1994. One week after arrive in Brazil (I live in Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais), in May, a client and friend of mine asked me to see a young lady (32 years old), that had suffered a surgery five days before, because she have had some stomach pains. When doctors analyzed her exams and opened her belly, they decided don’t do anything, because the cancer was in the whole stomach, beginning the metastasis in the liver, spleen, and some organs more. In that night, May/16/01, we have our first time under the Light, Wisdom and Love of The Healing Touch. I gave Reiki to her, since that time. Some doctor wouldn’t want to let her try the chemotherapy, because he didn’t believe in more than two or three months of life. OK. We went ahead, with one or two Reiki therapies each week, and she faced three months of treatment (chemo). Today, some minutes ago, a great call. Doctors decided to do a new evaluation and the result is: all the organs are preserved, with normal thickness and aspect. And the stomach had a reduction of the tumor. Now, she will go ahead with chemo, and asked me to go with her, and our blessed REIKI. To each one who some day to read these letter, I say: is the living presence of God. To have Reiki flowing through me is the greatest donation in my life. Everything is possible with the power of faith, and love.