Reiki For My Dying Mother

Last August, my mother’s health was failing and she was dying from congestive heart failure brought on by type A diabetes. We all knew she was going to pass through to the other side, but it was very hard for our family. The night before she passed away, she called me in to her room and asked me to perform Reiki on her. I must say it was the most defining moment in my life to perform Reiki on my dying mother. It is a moment I will always cherish. She had a lot of stored emotion that she was able to finally get out, and the pain medication that they had given her had no affect on her mind. I believe that it was because of the Reiki treatment that she was able to pass away with clarity of mind and heart, and I will always treasure our last moments together. I thank God and all the Reiki practitioners that have passed this unique gift to me that shined a great beacon of light in a time of grief.