Reiki Helps During Loss of Sister

I recently lost my sister-in-law. She was riding her bike and was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene. She died later, in the hospital. It was determined almost immediately that her injuries were non-survivable. She was kept alive on life support in the hopes of donating her organs. It turned out not to be an option, due to her extensive internal injuries. For four hours friends and family sat with Nancy in Intensive Care.

I’ve always been aware of the healing power of Reiki, but this experience showed me once again just how power Reiki is.

Twenty of us sat around Nancy’s bed, in ICU, as she lay there with a respirator and other tubes. Her head was bandaged and bloodied from an unsuccessful surgery. We were all in a deep state of grief.

I gave Reiki to the hospital room, sending the power symbol and the mental emotional symbol to each corner of the room, ceiling and floor. I placed all of the Usui symbols in the center of the room as well as the Karuna symbols. I used the symbols to strengthen my light and placed the symbols around all of the people in the room, including my sister in law. I sat, with one hand on Nancy and one hand on my brother, who sat next to her bed.

Despite the tragic and devastating event, there was a palpable presence of love and light in the room. Everyone there touched and hugged one another, told each other how much they loved my sister in law and asked how they could help. No tension or drama existed. The hospital crew worked around us, 20 of us, in the small space, not once asking us to leave, but instead asking us what we needed.

Not known to me at the time one of my clients and a Level II student, who is a nurse and works at that hospital, was monitoring my sister in law from a remote location. She didn’t know who we were—she said she only knew it was a patient and family that she felt needed Reiki, so she sent distant Reiki to us.

After Nancy passed away and in the time leading up to her funeral I continued to send distant Reiki to family and friends. We all worked together as a team, despite our grief and sorrow, treating each other with love and kindness and respect. It was like we were all protected in this beautiful bubble of love. Again, no drama, no “me, me, me” which can sometimes be the case in my family.

The morning of the funeral I was able to give my brother a full Reiki treatment. It helped him tremendously, allowing him to release much of the grief, fear, sadness and other mental and emotional things he was dealing with. I too had a session and it gave me strength and a feeling of peace and acceptance. I sent distant Reiki to the funeral often, beforehand. The service turned out to be a beautiful affair.

I know that when we channel Reiki we too receive Reiki. I supposed on some level I have felt this, without really being aware of it, yet I’ve never experienced it so powerfully as I did in the days when I returned to work after the funeral.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to work, but went in, thinking I’d do my best. I discovered an amazing thing. As sad and grief stricken as I was, once I began channeling Reiki I felt that same feeling of peace and acceptance. I also felt joy. Joy! It shouldn’t have, but it surprised me that I felt this, during such a difficult week. I had a lot of Reiki clients that following week, to make up for my days off and I feel that is what helped me get through those days. I’d come home and cry, feel the raw grief and pain and wonder how we’d all get through his. The next day I ‘d go to work, channel Reiki and feel better. It helped so much to be able to do this. It helped to keep me centered and to find my footing during that difficult time. It gave me a sense of peace I didn’t think was possible at the time. It kept me grounded so I could be of service to my brother and other family members.

Since this experience, I’ve continued to keep Reiki in my life. It’s been a powerful tool of self-discovery for me, changing my life in ways I never could have imagined. Once again, I discovered just how powerful it could be, healing myself and others, on so many different levels. Not only did the Reiki help to heal me, but my interaction with my clients did as well. So much love and healing passed between us; it went both ways. I am so grateful to have been able to experience Reiki in ways I hadn’t before. It continues to amaze me how it works on so many different levels, whether I am aware of it or not. New levels of awareness seem to open up daily. It is such a blessing.

As our family continues to move forward and heal, Reiki is there to assist us. I continue to give my brother treatments every other week and I get them as well. Nancy’s death has brought our family closer together. It’s brought out the kindness and love we all have for each other, but don’t always show. Life is short. It’s fragile. I’m so glad Reiki is there to help ease the path.