Reiki Helps a Dog Run and Play Again

One day in rural Tennessee, my sister’s neighbor found a dog running loose on the highway. He was relieved to see that she was wearing an ID tag, but when he called her owners, he was told that they didn’t want her anymore. He took her home to his already overflowing house of animals and called my sister. Would she and her daughter, who lived close by, be willing to share her? Of course they would! The dog was a sweet, beautiful mixed breed with tons of energy. They named her Pitiful Pearl, but she was not pitiful at all! Pearl loved running all over the countryside with all the neighboring dogs. She lived at all three homes, knowing which ones had the tastiest treats, coziest beds and playmates. Then disaster struck. Pearl was hit by a truck. The vet said that her hip was dislocated and her shoulder was crushed. If she didn’t have surgery to rebuild her shoulder, she would be lame for the rest of her life. However, the surgery would cost thousands of dollars, which ruled out the option of having the surgery. That’s when I got the call. My sister asked if I could do distant Reiki on her. It was her only hope. I did Reiki on Pearl every day. I connected with her immediately and kept visualizing her and telling her, “You will walk again.” She recuperated quickly at my niece’s house, but my niece couldn’t keep her calm. One evening while my niece and her family were having dinner at my sister’s house, they heard something at the door. It was Pearl! She had jumped through the screened window and walked the half mile to have dinner with them! It had only been four days since she was released from the animal hospital. After that, there was no holding her back. She kept escaping from the house to run with her pack. Last year I took a trip out to Tennessee and finally got to meet Pearl. She acted like she already knew me and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I know she was thanking me. Pearl completely healed and doesn’t have the slightest limp. It was truly a Reiki miracle!