Reiki Helped My Friend Die

I just completed Reiki I as my best friend was dying from cancer. We stayed at her bedside for three days and nights. On the last night her husband was too tired to stay awake so he laid on the floor by her bed. I told him I would watch her and tell him if anything changed. She was in such pain and agony! As I sat next to her my hands began to get hot. I hadn’t been taught to use Reiki on someone who was dying but still I felt the need to use it. But how? I instinctively held her heart chakra for about 10-15 minutes then waited for 45 min. I did this throughout the night. After receiving Reiki she relaxed and seemed to move through the process easier. She finally made the transition at 6:30 the next morning. I felt that I had done the right thing but I still needed confirmation. The next day a friend of my daughters gave her a book to share with me. She heard I had just taken a Reiki class and she had one laying around. It was Baginski and Sharamon's Reiki, Univeral Life Energy. I took the book and it fell open to the chapter on "Reiki, help for the dying. It described holding a person's heart chakra to help the person leave this life in harmony and to open her up to what is to come. It was the reassurance I was looking for! I was thankful to have been given Reiki and its gifts at exactly the right time for me and my friend.