Reiki Heimlich Maneuver On Dog, Calming Crying Child

Dear William: I am happy to relate two recent Reiki experiences. The first was with my roommate's dog, Charley. He kept gagging slightly, trying to clear his throat. I couldn't tell if he had something caught in this throat or was ill and about to vomit. But he kept running around playfully in spite of his intermittent throat clearings. After about 45 minutes I decided to open my hands in his direction to send Reiki to him. He looked up at me while he paced back and forth. After just a minute or two I knelt down and put one hand on the back of his neck for just a minute since it's hard for him to be still. After I stood up, he walked two steps and lowered his head releasing a rock from his mouth! And it was not just a pebble but a rock!

The second Reiki event took place with my friend's one-year-old baby. The baby was crying hysterically despite his mother's best efforts. I took him into my arms with the intention of allowing Reiki to pass through my hands and he stopped crying instantly. After a few minutes I laid him on the bed with his mother and held my palms towards them both from a foot away. I couldn't believe the energy I was feeling in my hands! He smiled at me and then crawled over and laid himself in my arms. I kept one hand on his front and the other on his back for awhile. He fell asleep soon after!