Reiki Heals Tumor

My first experience with Reiki was when I didn't know all that much about Reiki. What I did know was I always felt a strong energy around me, so when my friend told me she was diagnosed with a growing tumor in her abdomen I put my hand over the tumor area and felt heat coming out through the top of my hand. In fact, I almost could see the heat waves coming from the top of my hand. I didn't think much about it until my friend saw me again and told me what her doctor said.

When she was diagnosed with this tumor she could not be operated on because the tumor had a bubble around it and they feared it would break open and if it's cancer it would spread. The following week after giving her a Reiki treatment the doctor discovered the tumor was actually soft and could be safely removed through some type of suctioning through her belly button. The following week she had a hemorrhage and the doctor told her the tumor was gone. He could not explain it except to say the body sometimes heals itself.

I am pleased to say she is now healthy with no signs of the tumor. But what is now growing is a healthy baby girl expected in May.