Reiki Heals Torn Calf Muscle

My husband tore his calf muscle playing soccer. The bleeding under the skin was visible immediately, and he couldn’t bear weight on his leg. The chiropractor told him that he would be on the sidelines for six weeks. He was devastated. That night I gave Reiki to his calf muscle by simply cupping the injured calf muscle in my hands. I held it for about 20 minutes in that one spot. After 10–15 minutes my husband and I started to feel a massaging sensation under the skin. My husband asked, “What is that?” I replied that I didn’t know and suggested that we just go with it. The massaging sensation was like a series of waves flowing back and forth. I held the position until the movement stopped. The next day my husband was walking, in no pain and with no limp. The chiropractor declared him fit to play the following Saturday and was scratching his head as to how my husband could have healed so quickly!