Reiki Heals Stroke

I recently had a patient who suffered from having a stroke. He experienced a mild weakness on his left side and great difficulty walking because he could not balance, was dizzy and had double vision. He fell a lot and couldn't walk outdoors. Also, he reported that he felt like worms were crawling in his head. He saw a neurologist, neuro surgen, and a balance therapist with no improvement and in fact his symptoms got worse as he began vomiting.

I started giving him Reiki treatments and cranialsacreal therapy, followed by balancing exercises. After four treatments, this 83 year old gentelman recovered completely. Now he can drive, and go for walks with no complaints—no double vision and his head is back to normal. Each time he recieved a treatment, he went into deep relaxation within 30 seconds and said it was a heavenly feeling. Reiki can do miracles.