Reiki Heals Puppy

I completed my Reiki master’s in 2000 and have had many wonderful experiences. But one particular case showed that faith of mind over matter is not necessary.

My next door neighbor invited me around to meet his pup, a Siberian Husky. The pup had just returned from the vet being treated for spinal bifida (paralysis). The vet had informed my neighbor that with Hydro and Physical therapy the pup might be able to walk again. I looked at the pup and his eyes showed that all he wanted to do was get up and play. I asked if I could do some Reiki on him. I stroked the pup for about 3 minutes and then stopped because my own dog became jealous.

Three days later, my next door neighbor happily told me that the pup stood up and walked to the end of his lot and back again. I decided to give the pup another session of Reiki.

Three days later, I was looking out my kitchen window and I saw the next door neighbor and behind him his pup running and jumping and following him everywhere. My heart gave thanks to the miracle I’d witnessed.