Reiki Heals Pancreatic Cancer

Dear William Rand, On October 12, 2001, my brother Tex was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and informed nothing else could be done for him. He was depressed and wouldn't talk to anyone in the family except my mother. I told her to tell him to hold on until Thanksgiving when I could come and visit him and attune him to Reiki I. I was scheduled-and did attend a workshop to receive my Reiki Master Teacher certification on October 28, 2001 from Accem Scott — who is filled with so much wisdom on natural healing. I recommend everyone should know him and his method of teaching.

For a month I performed distance healing on my brother and during my meditation asked the Universe to instill in his mind the will to live. During the wait before my visit, my brother informed his doctor that his sister was coming to give him a new pancreas. His doctor thought he was crazy and decided to put him on medication for denial of his terminal situation. I was angry and wanted to see his doctor and ask him when did he become God/Goddess/Mother/Father/Mystic Laws/Universe that he knew exactly when someone was going to live or die.

On Thanksgiving, November 22, 2001, I arrived at the hospital where my brother was staying. I explained Reiki to him, the hand positions, and what I would do during the attunement. I knew it was important to attune him to Reiki I before his first Reiki session because within a month he went from giving up on life to wanting to live… and he believed I was going to help him. I let him know that it was not me-I am a conduit/vessel-but the healing energy from the Universe passing through me to him that would be doing the healing. As soon as the attunement was over, my brother told me he felt something circle his body and he knew he would be all right. I gave him instructions where to lay his hands for direct healing to his pancreas, when to take his juices, teas, and herbs (I also use herbs and essential oils to help people heal themselves naturally, so I bought a lot of natural products, such as Noni juice, grape seed extract, and herbal teas for his daily regimen), and most importantly to say the affirmations or write daily, 'I am in perfect health' and 'My body is now free from all dis-eases.' The next day, I went back to the hospital to give Tex a Reiki session. I asked him how he was doing and he said great-the previous night was the first time he experienced no pain in months.

On Thursday, December 20, 2001, my sister called me from California because my mother couldn't reach me to tell me about my brother Tex. He had a check up with his doctor that Thursday morning. My brother's doctor told him that his pancreatic cancer was in a state of remission and that he doesn't know what his sister [me] had him doing but keep doing it, even though he [the doctor] didn't believe in that mumble jumble. I was so elated with this news. I thanked the Universe and told everyone I knew. Now, I have people in my family calling and asking when am I going to heal them. I tell them it's not me, it's the healing energy of the Universe.