Reiki Heals Pain

My mother was afflicted with severe pain on the left side from the shoulder to the ankle. For three months the pain gradually increased. By taking high potency allopathic painkillers, the pain decreased but did not go away. All the lab tests showed nothing. Finally she started homeopathic treatment in such a way that she initially felt much better but after a while, the pain increased and got worse to the point that all the allopathic and homeopathic painkillers failed to diminish the pain. After I started giving her Reiki, she slept. After about half an hour I asked, "how do feel?" She said excitedly, "I feel much better, the pain has almost gone." I gave her about eight or nine days of Reiki once daily. Thanks to ALLAH now she is completely pain free. Also, once my younger sister felt an acute headache, I laid her down on the sofa and started giving her Reiki. After 25 minutes, the head pain has completely gone. I immensely pay thanks to Gracious ALLAH that he blessed Reiki and Prof-Dr. Moiz Hussain [an angel in the shape of human.] And I secondly pay wordless thanks Prof-Dr.Moiz Hussain that he gave my life a purpose.