Reiki Heals Multiple Injuries

This is a 10 year-old accident case with multiple fractures, head trauma, stroke, and brain tumor following injury. The person was in the hospital for several months and in and out of rehab. She was successful with physical abilities but was left with severe inflammation and joint pain and epilepsy. A heavy anti-inflammatory and painkiller caused severe distress in her stomach and caused an ulcer and indigestion. She was also left with weakness in the left side of her body. She came to our outpatient rehab hospital for physical therapy and occupational therapy. Exercising was causing a severe increase in her pain. The case was referred to me since I do conventional therapy plus Reiki sessions.

At the end of the first session the patient felt very relaxed. The pain reduced to nothing. She felt a gushing of energy and warmth and went home and slept several hours, something she hadn't done in 10 years. The next day the pain came back. But the indigestion problem was resolved completely. With the next session the patient went into a deep trance/meditative state within the first two minutes of the treatment. Lots of adhesions in and around the fracture site in the face, ribs, breast-bone, left knee, ankle, and leg were released. Her face became very expressive. Tension would cause her to grimacing with pain and then would follow with a calm face as adhesions released. She woke up saying, "I was with you but felt like I was just too far away and it was like being under a local anesthetic. I felt relaxed."

The next day, the patient was in severe pain and had to take pain medicine. When the patient came for her third session she said she felt very bad but still positive about the treatment. I explained it is very normal since all the negativities are in the body and Reiki is acting as antioxidant to bring them out. She felt great after the third treatment with no pain and is off pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs. She said she hasn't felt this good in 10 years. Since Reiki has been started she hasn't had a seizure relapse. She is still under therapy for strengthening and receives fifteen minute Reiki session as a boost.